Mongoose vs The Cobra

Mongoose & Squirrel vs The Cobra

Squirrel colonies usually works together to offend off predators. But this female squirrel decided to go alone against huge Cobra. She fluffed her tail to appear as big as possible in order to intimidate the cobra. Shape teeth delivered a quick bite to its tail, the cobra strikes to kill her. She’s batting out of her league, her cocky confidence takes a hit as she struck, but its just a blade of grass in poked into her eyes. She backed herself off, since she bitten off more than she could chew.

The actions of squirrel caught the attention of a far meaner neighbour, the yellow mongoose. This mongoose is the residence of cobra hitman. Its game on, snakes to the mongoose are like peanuts to the squirrel. Guts of steel makes the perfect house mate, he’s not a free loader. He is the colony security manager specializing in deadly venomous snakes. The cobras speedy defence strike is its trump card that could only keep him alive. They are each other’s prey but also they are each others deadliest opponents in the battle of life. The mongoose circles and tries to look for weak spot in the cobra’s defence. Then suddenly a quick strike from cobra needs a matrix style get away. Its a battle of reflect actions & speed. The cobra tries to intimidation, apparently which is not enough for the yellow mongoose to back off. They knows that if they either turns there back they are goner. Finally the cobra delivers its winning blow, he’s been spared from becoming mongoose dinner. The mongoose is immune to a certain quantity of the cobra’s venom. But right now he’s not that hungry enough to push those limits.