Crocodile Attacks Elephant at Watering Hole ​

Today we’ll learn how Elephant got its long trunk. Behold, its Elephant vs crocodile, the two giants of the jungle who are so intimidating that no other animal wants to mess with them. Here a mother Elephant drinking water without any fear that there could be predators waiting nearby. The crocodile seas’s the moment and attacks the mother elephant. It is very rare for a crocodile to attach a fully grown elephant.

In a story of jungle book title’s the elephant’s child discuss about how the elephant got its long trunk. “Elephant gets tricked by crocodile when being too close to water, then crocodile attacks the elephant’s trunk and the struggle makes the trunk so long”. Is this is how Elephants got its long trunk ? who knows? What we do know is that if you are an elephant and going to grab a drink, watch out for crocodiles.